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Six things to know about political financing in school elections

6 – All of a candidate’s income and expenses are examined

Following an election, all candidates (including those who were authorized but did not submit their nomination papers) must file a return of election expenses. The director general of the English-language school board verifies all these returns, with the assistance of Élections Québec, to ensure that the rules governing political financing have been followed.

Candidates must file their return of election expenses no later than 90 days after polling day.

In case of non-compliance

On his or her own initiative or upon receiving a complaint, the Chief Electoral Officer may conduct investigations to ensure compliance with the provisions of the ASEESSC (any reference to the ASEESSC refers to the provisions of the Act respecting school elections that were in force prior to the adoption of Bill 40). In particular, the Chief Electoral Officer may initiate criminal proceedings if an offence has been committed under this legislation.

Anyone can report a political financing irregularity by filing a complaint on the Élections Québec website or by calling the tip line at 1-855-644-9529. Any information received is kept strictly confidential.