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Six things to know about political financing in school elections

5 – Your vote has a financial value

By voting for the candidate who best reflects your values and outlook, you are helping him or her to pursue his or her political activities.

The election expenses of a person who is elected or who obtains at least 15% of the votes will be reimbursed. However, the amount reimbursed cannot exceed the total debts arising from the candidate’s election expenses and the amount of his or her personal contribution. To be eligible for reimbursement, a candidate’s expenses must have been incurred and paid in accordance with the Act respecting school elections to elect certain members of the boards of directors of English-language school service centres (ASEESSC). Please remember that any reference to the ASEESSC refers to the provisions of the Act respecting school elections that were in force prior to the adoption of Bill 40.

The reimbursement of election expenses is a form of public financing, meaning that the funding comes from the state. By supporting people who get involved in politics, the state aims to foster the integrity and vitality of our democracy.