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At your school or youth centre

This fall, the Québec municipalities will be holding elections. Are you in 5th or 6th grade of primary school or in secondary school? Do you belong to a particular organization? Ask your school, youth centre, or other youth organization to register for Voters in Training! Registration will be open from August 15 to October 6, 2017.

As part of this program, you will participate in an election simulation in which you will vote for actual candidates running in your municipality.

Tips for spreading the word about Voters in Training:

  • Like and share the Voters in Training Facebook page;
  • Print the program’s home page and slide it under the door of your school’s administrative office or that of the person in charge of your youth centre or the organization you belong to;
  • Inform the staff at your school, youth centre, or organization of the Voters in Training Challenge;
  • Present the program to your student council;
  • Make a video outlining three reasons you would like to take part in an election simulation.