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Teacher or student

Élections Québec implements many initiatives aimed at introducing future electors to the workings of our democratic system. Discover our various programs and learning tools in this section.


Vox populi : Ta démocratie à l'école!

This initiative of Élections Québec, the Québec National Assembly and the Fondation Jean-Charles-Bonenfant presents an operating method for the student councils of elementary and secondary schools.

Voters in training

This democracy education program is designed to introduce young people to the experience of voting through their participation in an election simulation (schools and youth organizations component). The small polling station component allows children who accompany their parents to also experience voting.

Voting in Québec

This program enables people to familiarize themselves with the Québec electoral system and with exercising the right to vote.

Special projects

Behind the scenes of an election

Gives secondary students the opportunity to observe the different stages of an election for a day.

It's your turn

Website dedicated to future voters age 17 and a half going on 18. To access the website, each young person receives an individualized password in the mail!