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Check your knowledge about Québec women's quest for political equality

Check your knowledge regarding the history of the struggle by Québec women to obtain the right to vote. Your results and the answers will be provided once the questionnaire has been submitted. Good luck!

1) Under the Constitutional Act, 1791 certain owners and tenants were granted qualified voter status, without distinction as to sex. Some women of Lower Canada who met the prerequisites were able to vote until 1849, the year in which this right was withdrawn from them.

True False

2) Who said: "It is revolting to see women dragged by their husbands and daughters, by their fathers, often against their will, to hustings. Public interest, decency and the modesty of women demand that these scandals never reoccur."?

3) Mrs. Thérèse Casgrain, Mrs. Carrie Derrick, Mrs. Marie Gérin-Lajoie, Mrs. Walter Lyman and Ms Idola Saint-Jean were all women who actively campaigned for women's suffrage. True or False?

True False

4) She headed the League for Women's Rights, an organization that fought for the legal and political equality of Québec women.

5) From 1922 to 1940, Québec suffragettes made several "pilgrimages" to Québec City to demand their right to vote. Idola Saint-Jean was one of these pilgrims. What organization did she head?

6) In their struggle for political equality, suffragettes encountered a great deal of opposition. For the most part, resistance came from:

7) Siding with the cause of suffragettes, he agreed to submit the first bill on women's right to vote in 1922. Who was he?

8) During the election campaign that preceded the 1939 general election, he promised to give women the right to vote. Once elected, he presented the bill granting women the right to vote and to stand for election, a bill assented to on April 25, 1940. Who was he?

9) From 1922 to 1940, how many bills dealing with women's suffrage were tabled before women were finally victorious?

10) In 1961, she was elected in a by-election and would be the first Québec woman to sit in the Legislative Assembly and the first Québec woman to be a minister. Who was she?