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Change of address

See field: municipal, school board


During the election period, if you are moving, you may vote at the location of your new domicile. To do so, you must make your address change at the revision office associated with your new address.

Have you temporarily left your home?

For a variety of reasons, are you temporarily living in an electoral division other than that in which your home is located? You can now vote, where you are temporarily resident, for a candidate who is running in your home electoral division. This vote will be exercised at the office of the returning officer or at one of the secondary offices in the electoral division where you are temporarily resident.

Are you unable to move about?
Do you live in or are you domiciled in a health care facility or a retirement home?

If you are living or domiciled in a health care facility or a private residence for seniors, you may elect to vote in the location where you are living temporarily. For further information, consult the section Voting of persons unable to move about or living in an establishment registered with the MSSS.

Additional period?

Once the revision period is over, you may go to a special revision office. However, only the elector himself can submit an application to amend the list of electors, except in the case of an application based on the death of an elector.

Important! A new entry on the electoral list made during the special revision does not confer the right to vote in the advance poll vote, but only on polling days at the returning office and on election day.