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What is solicitation?

Solicitation involves one or more of the following three actions:

  1. soliciting a contribution, that is, the process or act of asking, of calling upon someone to obtain a contribution, whether person-to-person, by telephone, mail, e-mail, via the Internet or by any other means;
  2. collecting a contribution, that is, the act of receiving, taking possession of a contribution, whether paid in money, by check or by any other payment order signed by the contributor;
  3. issuing a contribution receipt or receiving a duly completed contribution receipt from the contributor.

The solicitor who receives the contribution must issue a receipt to the contributor. Moreover, his name must always be entered on each receipt when this solicitation is made in his presence.

Who can solicit contributions?

The solicitation of contributions may only be made under the responsibility of the official representative. The latter may, however, designate in writing any person to act as a solicitor.

Any person authorized to solicit contributions must hold a certificate of solicitor and must show it to any person who so requests.

In addition, the political entities must send us, with their financial report, the list of solicitors designated during the year. It should be noted that this list is not public in nature under the Election Act.