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Returns of election expenses

Production of an election expenses’ return

All parties and candidates must file a return of election expenses. This return lists, among other things, the expenses incurred for advertising, goods and services, the rental of rooms, as well as travel and meal expenses.

A statement signed by the candidate regarding the rules governing political financing and election expenses must accompany his return of election expenses. Moreover, the leader of the party must also sign such a declaration in order to make him more accountable about the rules on the financing and control of election expenses.

When should an expense report be completed?

The official agent of an authorized party must submit its return of election expenses to us in the 120 days following polling day, whereas the official agent of a candidate must submit his return within 90 days. These returns must be filed using the forms stipulated by us.

Access to information

These reports are public in nature and may be consulted by contacting our Information Centre.