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Reimbursement of election expenses

See field: municipal, school board

Who is eligible for the reimbursement?

After having received and checked the return of election expenses, we reimburse 50% of the election expenses incurred and paid pursuant to the Act:

  • to every candidate declared elected or who obtained at least 15% of the valid votes;
  • to every party that obtained at least 1% of the valid votes.

What is the maximum amount of the reimbursement?

The reimbursable election expenses cannot exceed the limit on election expenses set by the Election Act. Moreover, in the case of an independent candidate who was not elected, the reimbursement cannot exceed the amount of the debts arising from his election expenses.

Can one receive an advance on the reimbursement?

Upon receipt of the results of voting, candidates eligible for a reimbursement may benefit from an advance on the reimbursement equal to 35% of the limit on election expenses set by the Act. For parties, the advance is paid only upon acceptance by us of an attestation of the estimated amount of the election expenses incurred. This attestation is sent by the official agent of the party.

How is the reimbursement made?

The reimbursement of election expenses and the advance on the reimbursement are made by cheque or by transfer of funds to an account held by the official representative.