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Consultation of the financial reports and statistics

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To ensure complete transparency in the area of revenues and expenses reporting, political parties, their authorities, authorized independent candidates and authorized independent members must file an annual financial report.

Click on the following links to see the financial reports as well as a statistical analysis that we have compiled on a quasi-annual basis to provide a portrait of the political financing situation of the political parties.

Financial reports and statistics:

To learn more about filing financial reports, see the Financial reports page.

Consult the list of contributors

The list of contributors, including their full domiciliary address, is appended to the annual financial report of each political entity. It is not, however, contained in the reports available above, because the publication of the full address of contributors is not allowed on our website, under the Election Act.

You have three options for consulting the list of contributors:

  • Use the contributor search engine. It allows you to access all contributors since 2000. While not giving their full address, it gives the name of their municipality and the postal code of their domicile for all contributions made since 2011.
  • Request the full version of the annual financial reports.
  • Consult the paper version of the List of contributors to political entities (in French only), available in our offices among other places.