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Financial reports

Annual financial reports

Under the Election Act, the official representatives of authorized political entities must file an annual financial report covering the period from January 1st to December 31st. The report must be filed with the DGEQ:

  • By April 1st in the case of the financial report of a political party authority, an authorized independent candidate or MNA.
  • By April 30th in the case of the financial report of a political party.
  • 90 days after polling day in the case of the financial report of an independent candidate who was not elected.

Consult financial reports and statistics.

These reports are public in nature as of the filing deadline. When they are not submitted by the deadline, they are available as soon as they are filed.

Signed declaration

Financial reports must contain a declaration signed by the leader of the political party or the authorized independent MNA or candidate or, in the case of a party authority, by the highest official so designated by the authority. Such declarations are intended to ensure accountability on the part of the main actors responsible for political financing and expenses.

Independent audit of the financial reports of political parties

The financial report of a political party must be accompanied by an independent auditor’s report and include a balance sheet, income statement, statement of evolution in net assets and cash flow statement, prepared according to the applicable financial standards (generally recognized accounting principles).

Additional financial report of an independent authorized candidate who was not electe

Independent candidates who were not elected may have debts as a result of their election expenses or still hold monies or goods as part of their election fund. In such a case, their official representative must file an additional financial report no later than April 1st of the year following every fiscal year during which the candidate is authorized.

The role of Élections Québec following receipt of the financial reports

Every financial report undergoes an examination or audit. In the first case, the financial data is assessed as provided. In the second, a more in-depth audit is performed and additional vouchers may be requested. Following these verifications, an investigation may be carried out when irregularities are found. Legal action may be taken in the case of any infraction of the Election Act.