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Electoral divisions – School boards

The list of municipalities, new electoral divisions (next map), French-language school boards and English-language school boards can be found in this Excel file.

This tool is intended for individuals working with office software.

The information is grouped together in four tabs:

  • Municipalities, electoral divisions, and French-language school boards;
  • Electoral divisions and French-language school boards;
  • Municipalities, electoral divisions, and English-language school boards;
  • Electoral divisions and English-language school boards.

Electoral divisions - School boards (in French) (Excel - 141 Ko)

Designation of municipalities - List of abbreviations

The name of a local municipality is sometimes followed by an abbreviation that refers to the designation of the municipality. The following is a list of these abbreviations and their meanings:

CT - Township
CU - United townships
EI - Indian settlement
M - Municipality
NO - Unorganized territory
P - Parish
R - Indian reserve
TC - Cree reserved lands
TI - Inuit reserved lands
TK - Naskapis reserved lands
V - Town
VC - Cree village
VK - Naskapi village
VL - Village
VN - Northern village