Press release No. 4 – By-elections of November  9, 2015 - Political contributions during an election period

October 8, 2015

In the context of the upcoming November 9, 2015 by-elections in the Beauce-Sud, Fabre, René-Lévesque, and Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne electoral divisions, the Chief Electoral Officer, Pierre Reid, wishes to remind electors and candidates of the main provisions of the Election Act concerning political contributions. In fact, during a by-election, the Act allows electors from the electoral division where the poll is being held, who have already made a contribution of $100 to a political entity, to double this contribution for the benefit of each political party and independent candidate. The period during which the additional contribution may be made began as of the date on which the seat became vacant, i.e. September 26, 2015 for the electoral division of Beauce-Sud; August 24, 2015 for the electoral division of Fabre; September 10, 2015 for the electoral division of René-Lévesque; and September 15, 2015 for the electoral division of Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne. This period will end on the 30th day after polling day for the by-election, namely December 9, 2015.

Basic rules to be respected

  • Only individual electors are allowed to make political contributions, and to do so out of their own property. These contributions must be made voluntarily, without compensation and for no consideration, and may not be reimbursed by a third party in any way. Consequently, legal persons, i.e. companies, unions, or partnerships of any form, may not contribute to the financing of political parties or authorized independent candidates.
  • As a general rule, a contribution may be made only to the Chief Electoral Officer for the benefit of an authorized entity. This rule pertains to a contribution made by cheque or other order of payment signed by the elector and drawn on his or her account in a financial institution having an office in Québec. A contribution may also be made, in compliance with the directives of the Chief Electoral Officer, by means of a credit card. The Chief Electoral Officer will then cash the contribution and transmit it to the party or for the benefit of the candidate for which or for whom it is intended.
  • A cash contribution must be for $50 or less and must be paid directly to the account held by the official representative of the authorized entity (party, party authority, or independent candidate).
  • Every contribution must be accompanied by a contribution slip, including, in particular, a declaration signed by the elector.
  • In addition to the contribution allowed in a by-election, the total of contributions made by the same elector to each of the political parties and authorized independent candidates may not exceed $100 during the same calendar year.
  • Canvassing may be done only under the supervision of the official representative of a party, a party authority or an authorized independent candidate, or, if applicable, of any other person designated in writing by the official representative for this purpose.

For more information concerning the rules governing the financing of parties and candidates, please visit the special information page accessible on the website of the Chief Electoral Officer.

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