A new service for journalists - The Chief Elector Officer of Québec introduces a distribution list for statements of offence

November 12, 2014

Quebec City, November 12, 2014 – Journalists interested in receiving copies of statements of offence issued by the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec can now sign up for a distribution list so that they can learn of them shortly after they are served. Statements of offence are issued pursuant with the powers of investigation and prosecution entrusted to the Chief Elector Officer of Québec by the Election Act, the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities, and the Act respecting school elections.

Journalists wishing to take advantage of this distribution service can register by sending an email to servicemedias@dgeq.qc.ca. In their message, they merely need to say who they are, specify the media outlet they work for, and if applicable, provide an email address to which the digitized statements of offence may be sent. If no address is provided, the list will be forwarded to the email address used to register.

The Chief Elector Officer of Québec’s new distribution list for statements of offence will be operative as of Monday, November 17.


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Categories : Provincial, School Board, Municipal, Infractions of the ARERM, Infractions of the Electoral Act, Infractions of the ASE, DGE

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