Participation of electors in the November 3 municipal elections - The Chief Electoral Officer launches a publicity campaign to encourage electors to vote

September 30, 2013

Quebec City,September 30, 2013– Today marks the beginning of the Chief Electoral Officer’s television and online campaign, designed to encourage Québec’s electors to exercise their right to vote during the municipal general elections ofNovember 3, 2013. The messages are addressed to all electors and are based on the idea that we all have opinions about a vast array of subjects and that we are forever expressing them. So why not do so by casting a vote during the municipal elections?

The overall average participation rate for Québec’s 1,100 municipalities during the municipal general elections of 2009 was approximately 45%, with rates obviously varying from one municipality to another. The importance of municipal issues, which affect the daily life of the average citizen, and the significant resources invested in municipal life, should be reasons enough for becoming interested in the races for mayor and various councillor positions. Moreover, the vitality of municipal democracy depends on the simple act of exercising one’s right to vote. And voting can also be seen as an opportunity to express an opinion concerning the candidates running for office and the ideas that are being offered to electors. The Chief Electoral Officer’s publicity campaign has been designed to encourage electors to express their opinions in this regard.

The televised message lasts 30 seconds and presents scenes in which people make comments, express an opinion, and discuss among themselves, without our knowing the specific subject of debate or of the opinion being expressed. The online message is longer and prioritizes the social media, an approach likely to be of particular interest to young electors. You can view the message at It shows how, based on a specific situation, opinions develop and are spread, and the conclusion is always the same: since we like to express our opinion, why not do so during municipal elections?

The Chief Electoral Officer’s publicity campaign is intended to round out the initiatives of other partners, especially the information for electors provided by the returning officers in charge of voting in the 1,103 municipalities where polling will take place on November 3.


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