Illegal financing of political parties - Équipe Marcotte/Ralliement Mascouche party – The Chief Electoral Officer releases the list of individuals who are being prosecuted

April 24, 2013

Quebec City,24 April, 2013– Chief Electoral Officer of Québec (DGE) is disclosing the identity of the Mascouche electors who have just received statements of offence further to an investigation concerning financing of the Équipe Marcotte/Ralliement Mascouche party for the 2009 fiscal year. Now that all statements have been served, the DGE is releasing the list of those being prosecuted.

A total of 50 statements of offence have been issued for 3 types of offences: having made a contribution other than out of their own property (26 statements); having assisted a person in committing this offence (23 statements); and having incurred an election expense without being an official agent (1 statement).

Persons being prosecuted for having made a contribution other than out of their own property (straw man system):

Ginette Aucoin, Maurice Aucoin, Thierry Blanchard, Valérie Blanchard, France Blanchard-Balthazard, René Blanchette, Luce Crevier, Nadine Dartois, Marcel Dumont, Nathalie Fillion, Ginette Grandmont, Sébastien Knap, Serge Laflamme, Denis Laprise, Richard Lefebvre, Guyanne Morin, Lise Pagé, Denis Perras, Claude Picard, François Renaud,  Danielle Sasseville, Jacques Soucy,  Martine Soucy,  Geneviève Timmons,  Jean Thouin,  Julie Wiggins.

Persons being prosecuted as accomplices for having been involved in reimbursing sums of money to identified contributors:

René Blanchette (5 statements),  Alain Charpentier (5 statements),  Richard Mercier (3 statements),  Normand Pagé (3 statements),  Sylvain Picard (4 statements),  Martine Soucy (3 statements).

Person being prosecuted for having incurred an election expense without having the status of official agent:

René Blanchette

In all cases, the prosecutor is asking that the minimum fine applicable at the time of the events under investigation be imposed, i.e. $500.


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