Illegal financing of political parties - The Chief Electoral Officer issues 50 statements of offence to Mascouche

April 18, 2013

Quebec City, 18 April, 2013 – An investigation carried out by the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec (DGE) concerning  financing of the Équipe Marcotte/Ralliement Mascouche party for the 2009 fiscal year has led the DGE to issue 50 statements of offence that will be served as of today to various offenders brought before the Court of Québec.

Twenty-six of these statements of offence apply to electors whose contribution to the party was not made out of their own property and who participated in a straw man scheme. In addition, twenty-three statements were issued to six individuals involved in reimbursing illegal contributions, who are therefore being prosecuted as accomplices. Moreover, one person has been given a statement for having incurred an election expense without being an official agent of a candidate or of a political party during the election period preceding the election of November 1, 2009.

The identity of those who are sued will be disclosed when all statements have been served.


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Categories : Municipal, Municipal financing, Infractions of the ARERM, DGE

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