November 3, 2013 municipal general elections - It is possible to establish a party and to obtain authorization as a candidate well before the election period

January 25, 2013

Québec, January 25, 2013 –– In preparation for the municipal elections that will be held on November 3rd of this year, Jacques Drouin, Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, would like to inform those electors wishing to run as independent candidates in the elections that it is possible to obtain an authorization in this capacity effective immediately. Moreover, if they wish to establish a new political party, it may be advantageous to promptly submit an application for authorization to the Chief Electoral Officer.

Obtaining an authorization as an independent candidate

An authorization is required for every person wishing to solicit or collect contributions and contract loans in order to finance the activities associated with their election campaign. It is also necessary to incur expenses regarding the election. To obtain an authorization, a written application must be submitted to the clerk or the secretary-treasurer of the municipality. Said application must contain the name of the future candidate, his domiciliary address, his telephone number, the name of the municipality in which the nomination will be filed, as well as certain information, notably that concerning the appointment of the candidate’s official representative.

As it is not necessary to wait until the start of the election period in September to complete this formality, independent candidates have a longer period of time to plan their election campaign.

It should be pointed out that this measure applies to people living in municipalities with a population of 5 000 or more who are qualified electors in the municipality and who undertake to run as an independent candidate in the upcoming municipal elections. A person can run as a candidate in the upcoming municipal elections if, in particular, he has resided on the territory of the municipality for at least 12 months on September 1, 2013.

To the 185 Québec municipalities having a population of 5 000 or more must be added the municipalities of Chertsey, La Pocatière, Rivière-Rouge and Warwick, whose total population is not 5 000 anymore, but which nevertheless continue to be subject to financing rules of the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities (chapter XIII of the AERM).

Obtaining an authorization for a political party for the upcoming municipal elections

In municipalities subject to those rules, it is also possible to obtain an authorization for a political party in preparation for the upcoming municipal elections. With this authorization, it will be possible to collect contributions, contract loans and incur expenses to promote the election of its candidates. It may be advantageous to promptly submit an application for authorization to the Chief Electoral Officer due to the fact that certain conditions must be met to grant such an authorization and it takes time to process the application.

An authorization must also be obtained from the Chief Electoral Officer to change the name of a political party. This name change must occur before the election period, and a minimum amount of time is required to process the application.

It should be recalled that in municipalities with a population of less than 5 000 and which are not subject to Chapter XIII of the AERM, it is not possible to create a political party. However, the Act permits the establishment, under certain conditions, of a "recognized ticket" by the returning officer.

Those individuals wishing to obtain more information on this subject can consult the website of the Chief Electoral Officer at the following address: or contact the Information Centre:

By telephone:             (418) 528-0422 –QuébecCityarea

                                   1 888 ÉLECTION (1 888 353-2846) – outside the Québec City area

By e-mail:         



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