Political Party Financing - The Chief Electoral Officer of Québec Publishes the 2010 Financial Reports of Provincial Political Parties

June 21, 2011


Québec City, June 21, 2011 – The Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, Mr. Jacques Drouin, announces the publication today of the financial reports of provincial political parties in Québec for the year ending December 31, 2010. In accordance with the provisions of the Election Act, the deadline for filing financial reports was April 30, 2010 for parties and April 1, 2010 for other authorized bodies and entities. The Chief Electoral Officer is presenting the reports in a document containing over 950 pages that contains information about the financial situation of provincial political parties.
The financial reports present revenues and expenses for the year as well as the balance sheets of the authorized political parties as at December 31, 2010. They also contain the results of party associations (political party organizations in ridings, regions or at the Québec level), as well as the lists (for the party and party organizations) of all electors who contributed more than $200.
A press release dated June 14, 2011 that presented various comparative statistics, is available on the Web site of the Chief Electoral Officer.
The financial reports can be obtained by contacting the Information Centre of the Chief Electoral Officer at 1 888 ELECTION. The document is also accessible on the Web site of the Chief Electoral Officer at the following address:

In accordance with the Election Act, the version of the document accessible on the Web does not include the postal addresses of the electors who contributed more than 200 $ to a candidate or a political party.
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