A guilty plea is entered in Montréal

March 28, 2011

Québec, March 28 , 2011 – Jacques Drouin, Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, wishes to inform the public that a guilty plea was entered in the Montréal region in a case concerning the withdrawal of authorization of the Parti des immigrés du Québec.

In Westmount, following the dissolution of the Parti des immigrés du Québec which occurred on December 4, 2009, Mr. Sebastian Pirau, who acted as the official representative at the time of the withdrawal of authorization, omitted to send the Chief Electoral Officer two financial reports. Within a 60-day period following the withdrawal of authorization, Mr. Pirau was supposed to submit the financial report for the 2008 fiscal year in addition to the closing financial report of the party, pursuant to sections 67 and 76 of the Election Act.
As the contravener paid the fine of $500 plus expenses on February 28th of this year, he is considered to have pleaded guilty to the charge brought against him.

Categories : Provincial, Infractions of the Electoral Act

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