Referendum on the Nunavik Regional Government. Referendum expenses are allowed,but certain rules must be followed

March 3, 2011

Québec, March 3, 2011 – The referendum on the creation of the Nunavik Regional Government will be held on April 27th. Adamie Padlayat, regional director of the referendum, informs the electors of Nunavik that the referendum will be subject to financing rules. The purpose of these rules is to offer equal chances for each person to be heard and also to ensure the transparency of the actions that will be taken. However, it is important to distinguish between what is authorized during the referendum period, namely from March 21st to April 27th, and what is allowed during the weeks preceding the start of this period.

Until March 20th, any organization, individual, partnership or legal person can incur expenses, for example for advertising, in order to make known the context of the Agreement and to promote their point of view regarding the adoption of the Agreement. It should be noted that during the pre-referendum period, there is no limit on expenses. However, any organization, individual, partnership or legal person having incurred expenses will have to file a return listing the amounts spent as well as the sources of financing.
Effective March 21st, only electors and groups of electors duly registered as intervenors may incur referendum expenses. These expenses will then be limited to $1 per elector having the right to vote in the referendum.
To have an access to a version of this document in Inuktitut, you can click on the following link : inuk.pdf inuk.pdf
For more information on the financing rules and on the April 27th referendum, feel free to contact the Chief Electoral Officer’s office.


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