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Obtaining authorization as a private intervenor

See field: provincial, school board

If you are an elector seeking to intervene in electoral politics in a manner that involves incurring expenses, you can apply for authorization as a private intervenor. This status allows you to spend up to $300 on advertising over the course of the election period. The intent of your advertising should be to:

  • express an opinion on a matter of public interest or seek support for such an opinion;
  • advocate abstention or the spoiling of ballots.

As a private intervenor, you need to pay your advertising costs with your own money and your advertisements cannot have a partisan effect. Furthermore, a private intervenor may not be or become a member of a political party during the election period.

To obtain authorization, you need to complete the form and submit it to the returning officer of your municipality:

Groups of electors

You can also obtain authorization as a private intervenor with other persons, as a group. The majority of the group’s members must have the right to vote. A company, an association, a union or any other legal person cannot be part of the group. Members must designate one person from the group to represent them.

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