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Conditions for using our website

Intellectual property of the Chief Electoral Officer

The content of this site belongs to the Chief Electoral Officer.

Accuracy of the information

Despite the attention that we pay to our website and the updates made to it, errors may occur.

Consequently, we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of our site.  

If the content of our site differs from the text from which it was taken, the original text shall prevail.

Use for non-lucrative purposes

For non-lucrative purposes only, you can download and reproduce any element of our site. No authorization is required and you may do so free of charge.

However, you must mention the source and our copyright (©). If the text indicates the author’s name, you must also mention it.

Every other use is prohibited, unless you have our written authorization. The same is true if you wish to adapt the content of an element of our site.

Use for lucrative purposes

To download, reproduce or use any element of our site for lucrative purposes, you must obtain our written authorization.

This authorization stipulates the conditions of use.

Requests for authorization and questions

For every request for authorization or every question, contact us.