A career with us

Mission, vision and values

To guarantee the office’s impartiality and political neutrality, the Chief Electoral Officer is appointed by the National Assembly and reports directly to it.

As the arbiter of our electoral system, Élections Québec is independent, neutral, impartial and non-partisan.

Photo de M. Pierre Reid
Mr. Pierre Reid, Chief Electoral Officer and Chairman of the Commission de la représentation électorale

Our mission

Our mission is to oversee the holding of elections and referendums, to ensure compliance with political financing rules, to guarantee the full exercise of election rights, and to promote the democratic values of Québec society.

Our vision

Élections Québec is known for its role in improving the Québec electoral system, its leadership in promoting democracy and its human resources management, which aims to create an attractive and stimulating work environment.

Our values

  • Impartiality and independence in the performance of its duties
  • Integrity of the electoral process
  • Transparency in the administration of Québec's election legislation
  • Fairness in political financing and in the polling process
  • Competency in the delivery of services