Interview with Samuel Morin

Why did you choose to be a member of the Citizen round table?

First of all, as a resident of one of Québec’s most beautiful regions, Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine, I believe that regional representation is essential. After all, regional realities cannot be understood without the input of the people who live there. Providing this input is important to me. A society’s capacity for action depends on its political system, and that system must reflect the values of the people it serves. Doing my part to help improve our system also appeals to my sense of civic duty. For me, leaving others to debate the issues, without having my say, limits the range of opinions and potential improvements.

With regard to democracy, what issues are of particular concern to you?

The issues that interest me most are those related to the reform of the voting system and the financing of political parties. In my opinion, the fact that some electors no longer identify with our political system means that we need to open it up to new possibilities. But in doing so, we must not lose sight of those electors who are already well served or abandon the idea of regional representation. The financing of political parties is also very important, since related abuses have led some members of the public to take a cynical view of politics. It is therefore important to ensure the integrity of the process.

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