Interview with Jean-Gabriel Hasbani

Why did you decide to join the Citizen round table?

“I wanted to play my part in maintaining and improving our election system, a key component of Québec democracy. The ideas and concerns of voters, of citizens, must be addressed without regard to partisan squabbles.”

Has your participation in the Citizen round table changed how you view certain issues? In what way?

“Although Élections Québec is an independent agency, it clearly has extremely little leeway in terms of directly addressing concerns raised by the public, particularly regarding the protection of personal data and its use by political parties.”

What will you take away from your experience as a member of the Citizen round table?

“It has been a very enriching experience that shows how Québec citizens can help shape our democratic system. Élections Québec was very open to hearing and emphasizing the concerns and ideas expressed by members of the Citizen round table. Hopefully, legislators will now take the necessary action.”

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