Interview with Alexandra Armijo Fortin

Why did you choose to be a member of the Citizen round table?

“I’m a teacher at the college level and for the past years I’ve been immersed in the academic world. I wanted to be involved in a more concrete way and to take part in the political discussion, but in a non-partisan way. A discussion involving more of an analysis of our electoral and political systems. That’s why I wanted to join the Citizen round table.”

Among the issues that you discussed on the Citizen round table, which did you find the most interesting?

“Since I’m a teacher, obviously, citizenship education was particularly compelling. I think there is a lot of cynicism among the public and, to me, it’s through information and education, namely, bringing politics closer to citizens, that we will be able to improve voter turnout. I’m not talking only in quantitative terms or about increasing the percentage. My wish would be for youth and people in general to feel more motivated and engaged, because, after all, it’s the basis of democracy.”

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