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Role and mission

To ensure the impartiality and political neutrality of Élections Québec, the Chief Electoral Officer is appointed by and reports directly to the National Assembly. As arbiter of our electoral system, our institution is independent, neutral, impartial and non-partisan.

Our mission is to oversee the holding of elections and referendums, to ensure compliance with political financing rules, to guarantee the full exercise of election rights, and to promote the democratic values of Québec society.

Our main spheres of action are:

  • administration of provincial polls;
  • management of the permanent list of electors;
  • training of election officers;
  • directives, support and advice for municipal and school returning officers;
  • funding of political parties and control of election expenses;
  • register of authorized political parties;
  • investigations and legal proceedings;
  • division of the territory into electoral divisions and electoral districts;
  • information and documentation.