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Citizen round table


Coordination of the Table and its secretarial duties are provided by the members of our personnel. The Chief Electoral Officer is the ex-officio chairperson of the Table, but may delegate the responsibility of chairing the meetings.

The Citizen round table meets at least twice yearly. The meetings are generally held on Fridays at our office in Québec City. The Table chairperson decides on the time of day and determines the meeting agenda. The chairperson sends a meeting preparation file to the members.

All members have an equal right to speak during the meetings of the Table. The chairperson takes the steps needed to favour the participation of all of the members. Meetings are held in private. However, the minutes of the Table’s meetings may be consulted online. They are written in such a way, however, as to ensure the anonymity of what is said (who said what). An account of the work of the Citizen round table is published in our annual management report.

The members will receive a daily allowance for attending the meetings and their travel expenses will be reimbursed.

For more information, you can consult the complete Operating rules for the Citizen round table.

Code of conduct

The work of the Table is subject to a code of conduct under which members are required to work in a spirit of co-operation, openness and mutual respect, in order that each member is free to express him or herself.

The members must exercise political neutrality in the performance of their duties, and act personally, independently of any political party or special interest group. They provide us with their opinions, with a concern for fairness for all Québec electors. For the duration of their term, the members may not belong to a political party. They must also uphold certain rules concerning confidentiality and speaking publicly. Lastly, they are required to disclose any potential or apparent conflict of interest.

For more information, you can consult the Code of conduct for the members of the Citizen round table.