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Citizen round table


Here are the 12 members of the Citizen round table.

Alexandra Armijo Fortin
Age group: 35-44

“As the daughter of an immigrant, I’m particularly sensitive to our democratic gains. For me, being part of the Citizen round table is an opportunity to move forward the reflection and discussion on a number of issues of concern to me.”

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Frédérique Boucher
Age group: 18-24
“For me, joining the Citizen round table was a natural step since I’m already deeply involved in student affairs at my CEGEP and I was introduced to politics at a very young age by my parents. I’d really like to encourage young people to get more politically involved.”

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Jean-Gabriel Hasbani
Age group: 25-34
“This opportunity for reflection will allow me to share on-the-ground observations and ideas I’ve picked up during my travels to other countries from people who hold different opinions, and to debate them. I could thus contribute to improve our electoral system.”

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Denis Lagacé
Age group: 45-54
“This place of sharing and discussion will allow me not only to contribute to the future of our democratic institutions, but also to learn and refine my understanding of them thanks to exchanges of views with the other committee members.”

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Marie-Hélène Lyonnais
Age group: 18-24
“Being part of this committee is an opportunity for me to restore trust among people in my social circle by showing them that it is possible to play a central role in the changes that we want to see happen in our society. Thanks to my involvement with student associations and the school referendum process, I’ve been privileged to have my confidence in our democratic process revived.”

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Joane Marois
Age group: 55-64
“The electoral process is crucially important because it has a major influence on our day-to-day lives after a government is elected. This process must be as ethical and as representative as possible, in order to serve well the citizens’ interests and values.”

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Samuel Morin
Age group: 35-44
“First of all, as a resident of one of Québec’s most beautiful regions, Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine, I believe that regional representation is essential. After all, regional realities cannot be understood without the input of the people who live there. Providing this input is important to me.”

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Natalie Rouleau
Age group: 35-44
“There’s no shortage of challenges in my region, where I have been involved in various causes and organizations over the years. But I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and contribute in a different way to the development of the community. For me, the Citizen round table represents a unique opportunity to share knowledge with other people who are driven by the same desire to improve our society.”

Adam Samson
Age group: 18-24
“Having already been an election worker several times and having volunteered on various campaigns, I am very familiar with how electoral campaigns work. As I’ve gotten involved in my community, young peoples’ political role and interests have always been at the heart of my concerns. For me, being a member of the Citizen round table will be an opportunity to share a young vision and to bring my experience to the discussions with the other members.”

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Brian Smith
Age group: 65 and over
“For me, participating in the Citizen round table means helping to strengthen democratic life in Québec by sharing my ideas and taking part in stimulating discussions about the different aspects of our electoral process. There are certain things that are of particular interest to me, such as democracy education and voter information.”

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Sabrina Vigneux
Age group: 25-34
“When I answered the call for committee participants, I saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between state institutions and citizens by proposing innovative and practical solutions with people who share their passion about democratic life and civic involvement.”

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Raphaël Yimga Tatchi
Age group: 45-54
“In recent years, I have been working to promote civic engagement in my community, especially among members of ethnocultural communities. Ultimately, all citizens need to have their voices heard if we are to build a peaceful society where everyone belongs.”

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